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Certificate in Science Management Program


The Certificate in Science Management is a unique program that allows graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and interested faculty to access business courses through the Wake Forest University Schools of Business. The certificate is granted after completing 15 hours of coursework. The certificate can stand alone, or the hours taken through the Schools of Business can be transferred to a formal Wake Forest University MBA course of study.

Structure of the Program

The certificate allows flexibility for the student to pursue his/her unique career plan. The student will meet with career counselors in Schools of Business, as well as his/her advisor and graduate program director in order to formulate a plan based on the student's desired career path. Students enrolled in a graduate program will develop a course plan for the pacing of specific courses to coordinate with their thesis research within the home program.

The certificate curriculum is based on existing courses available through the Wake Forest University Schools of Business and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The certificate curriculum contains specific core requirements (MGT 8110, Organizational Behavior, and MGT 8080, Financial Accounting), as well as electives chosen to provide skill sets that are most relevant to their chosen industry career sector. Electives may be chosen from MBA and other graduate-level courses. 

Application Process

Graduate students must be in good academic standing. Graduate students (Masters or PhD) must obtain the written permission from their advisor and the student's graduate program director. Postdoctoral fellows must obtain the written permission of their advisor. All students admitted must fulfill academic standards of the home program in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, as well as those of the Wake Forest University Schools of Business.

Letter(s) of support should be submitted by the student’s thesis advisor or postdoctoral mentor. In the case of postdoctoral fellows only the mentor must submit a letter. In the case of graduate students a single letter can be cosigned by the student’s thesis advisor and graduate program director, or separate letters from each will be accepted. The letter should be submitted to Dr. Dwayne Godwin, Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Director, PhD/MBA program.

PhD Graduate students are eligible for the program after passing their qualifying exam and ascending to PhD candidacy. Business courses will be delivered through the working professional or full time programs to fulfill their certificate requirements over 2-3 years of candidacy, during which time they would be completing thesis research (similar to the PhD/MBA model).  For current graduate students, up to 6 hours of the certificate may be completed after the Graduate degree is completed. Postdoctoral Fellows would be eligible for the program as soon as their appointment begins. Students and Postdoctoral fellows whose support is derived from NIH grants are responsible for following NIH policies regarding research effort, and should resolve any potential conflicts with their program officer.

Certificate hours obtained through the Wake Forest University Schools of Business will be transferable to the Working Professional program.

Applicants whose native language is not English and/or whose principal language of university instruction was not English must submit scores from either the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or PTE (Pearson Test of English). (Exception: applicants who have completed their undergraduate work at an English-speaking college or university are not required to take the TOEFL or PTE.)

Contact Information

Questions regarding admissions:
Mr. Kevin Bender
Associate Director, Graduate Admissions
School of Business
(336) 758-3091

General questions:
Dr. Dwayne Godwin
Professor and Dean
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Wake Forest University is extremely well-positioned at this time to offer a Certificate in Science Management, which will provide students interested in acquiring management skills with an opportunity for study that is less time-consuming and expensive than the current option, the PhD/MBA program. Certificate students will attend some of the same classes as MBA students, and upon graduation will bring Management knowledge to their workplaces. The addition of a Certificate program allowing management training will provide greater access to the Wake Forest community of scholars, and will make this training available to Masters programs that may wish to offer a Professional Science Masters program option.
Targeted Applicants: This program will be offered to PhD graduate students and postdoctoral fellows admitted to WFU programs. This program also allows Masters students to take advantage of this program. However, for this, Masters programs must formulate additional policies and/or modify their programs for a Professional Masters course of study.