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Instructions for Letters of Recommendation


Applicants for degree programs are required to submit three (3) letters of recommendation in support of each application submitted to the Graduate School. Applicants are allowed to submit additional recommendations if desired.

BOWMAN GRAY campus applicants may submit two (2) recommendations if the following applies:

  • Applicant is currently enrolled in a master's program, making application to the PhD program, AND continuing their academic studies with the same faculty advisor;
  • Applicant is transferring to the WFU Graduate School with their faculty mentor.

Give careful consideration to each recommender that you select. These individuals should have personal knowledge of your academic qualifications; work related ethics; or experience interacting with you in a volunteer or community related activity.

Forms will be provided electronically to recommenders during the online process. Letters of recommendation may be addressed to "Dean of the Graduate School".

Electronic Recommendations

All recommendations must be submitted electronically via the ApplyYourself online system. You will enter the names and contact information for at least three recommendation providers. Once the recommender information is saved in the online application, an email will automatically be sent to the recommendation provider with an access code  and instructions on how to proceed with the online recommendation. It is recommended that you contact your recommenders to verify receipt of this email.

If for some reason the email was not received, you will be able to log back into your application and send a reminder email by checking the appropriate box beside the recommenders name on the “Recommendation” panel.

Applicants to the Biomedical Science/Postbac - MS Program

If you are making application to the master's program in Biomedical Science, and select "Biomedical Science/PB-MS”, the pre-medical post-baccalaureate area of concentration, you may request that letters of recommendation submitted through Interfolio be sent directly to the Graduate School’s Admission Office to replace or supplement the electronic recommendations. Provide each recommender's name and institution affiliation on the online application and mark that the recommendation is to be received "off-line". Recommendations submitted through AAMC can not be used. Three recommendations are required to complete your application.