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Instructions for Recommenders

You have been selected by an applicant to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Wake Forest University to write a letter of recommendation. Since you have chosen to submit your letter of recommendation by paper or as an electronic email attachment, the following instructions are provided for your convenience.

Letter of Recommendation

Based on your knowledge of this person, we would appreciate your candid assessment which will be of great assistance in making a careful evaluation of the applicant’s credentials. 

Include the following information in your letter:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Institution
  • City/State
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • How long on in what capacity have you know this individual.
  • Suggested criteria for the letter of recommendation include:
    • Basic Intelligence – analytical ability/rigor of thought/reasoning ability
    • Independence of Thought – originality/creative intelligence/imagination
    • Oral Communication
    • Written Communication
    • Industry and Motivation – persistence/self-discipline/study techniques
    • Judgment and Maturity – conscientiousness/common sense
    • Recommendation – highly recommended, recommended, recommended with reservations, not recommended

Please submit the letter of recommendation as soon as possible so as not to delay the review process of the application.

Recommendation Forms

Please complete the attached form and return it along with your letter of recommendation to the appropriate Graduate School office.

Submission of Recommendation

Based on the applicant's program of study, please mail or email your letter of recommendation to the appropriate Graduate School Office. If this information was not supplied by the applicant contact information and mailing addresses may be found on the following link - http://graduate.wfu.edu/mailingaddress.html.

Additional Information

All letter of recommendation will be destroyed upon matriculation.  All others will be retained with the applicant’s file for a period of one year if the applicant wishes to be reconsidered the following year.