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Track 2: Chemistry



The Department of Chemistry offers graduate programs of study leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the fields of analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. The emphasis of the program is on close interaction between faculty and students. This ensures that the students develop to their full potential as quickly as possible. Choice of a research adviser is usually completed by the end of the first semester, and students begin their research during the second semester.

M.S. degree
The requirements for the M.S. program are normally completed in two years. For the M.S. degree, a student:
  • completes 24 hours of course work
  • submits a thesis based on his or her completed research
  • passes an oral examination based on the thesis
Ph.D. degree

The essence of the Ph.D. degree is the solution of an important chemical problem at the frontier of current knowledge. This is accomplished under the direction of a faculty adviser who is chosen by the student. The student's dissertation, based upon this research, is defended in an oral examination before a Ph.D. committee. The course requirement for the Ph.D. is determined by an advisory committee and is tailored to meet the needs of the individual student while providing a broad, well-balanced background. Competence in the student's selected area of study is tested by means of cumulative examinations. The requirements for the Ph.D. degree are normally completed in four to five years.

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Successful applicants to our programs should have a solid academic background and a passion for science and discovery. Complete applications include a personal statement outlining area(s) of interest and practical experience, resume or CV, official transcript(s), GRE (and TOEFL report for international students) and 3 letters of recommendation. Applicants are encouraged to submit an on-line application; however paper applications are still available. You are strongly encouraged to complete your application by the deadline for full consideration for financial aid and for invitations to the recruitment weekend in February. Late applications will be considered while openings remain.

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