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Track 6: Neuroscience Program

Neuroscience Overview

The Neuroscience Program track constitutes a graduate program that includes more than 90 participating faculty members across 16 departments who study how the nervous system works, how it develops, and how it can be affected by disease and damage. A distinctive feature of our neuroscience community is that state-of-the-art research is carried out within an environment of remarkable openness and collegiality, which provides not only a foundation for numerous collaborations within and across departments, but also unlimited opportunities for training, mastering new techniques, and learning about the wide range of professional opportunities available to young neuroscientists.

The research of our graduate students spans virtually the whole realm of modern neuroscience, including molecular, developmental and behavioral neurobiology, as well as cognitive and computational neuroscience. Accordingly, there are numerous possible areas of specialization within our training curriculum. For example, opportunities are available for specialized course work and research training in sensory systems, development, neuropharmacology and addiction, aging, neuroimaging, behavior, neurodegeneration, or the autonomic nervous system.  The goal is to allow students to pursue their specific research interests while receiving rigorous training for a successful career in the neurosciences.

Students in the Neuroscience Program track also engage with the community through a sustained outreach program that includes involvement with the Brain Awareness Council and the local chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, which was named Chapter of the Year in 2009.

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Completed applications, including unofficial college transcripts, unofficial GRE scores, and three letters of recommendation, should be submitted to the Graduate School by December 5, 2014 for full consideration for admission and possible graduate fellowship funding. The final deadline for applicant submission is January 15, 2015 but there isn’t a guarantee for fellowship funding.

Once you begin the online application process, you will be asked to create a unique username and password which will allow you to save your entries and return at a later time. The application will not be successfully submitted unless all required fields are completed.
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If you have any questions regarding the application process, please feel free to contact the appropriate graduate school office or the Neuroscience program representative.