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Graduation Exercises

Hooding and Awards Ceremony

Saturday, May 18, 2013
Wait Chapel, Reynolda Campus

Outstanding Doctoral Student Award

Joseph was selected for this award based on a careful review of his credentials and those of the other nominees by the Graduate Council. His records were regarded as superlative for each of the awards’ criteria. The committee considered that his research involving the roles of G-protein coupled receptors in the mechanisms of age-related cognitive decline has brought to bear a variety of methods and assays, some of which he developed on his own, and he has produced very interesting data and 8 publications, 4 of which were first authored. A senior faculty member characterized Joseph as among our most gifted students.
The committee was also impressed that he has honored the spirit of the Melson Award with his contributions to the educational mission of the University through teaching in our graduate neuroanatomy course, tutoring efforts, and student recruitment efforts. Ccitizenship has extended to our local community, playing a role in local “Brain Awareness” activities in schools and elsewhere in the community.

Joseph McQuailJoseph McQuail
Neuroscience Program

Outstanding Master's Student Award

Ashley focused on medical image analysis and the development of computational human body models, what are in essence virtual crash test dummies, will be used by scientists and engineers to predict (and ultimately mitigate) injuries.Her work will provide an important addition to the literature, and will relate organ location and morphology as a function of posture, something that is frequently not captured in state of the art models. The committee was also impressed by her numerous research awards, and her service to the discipline as president of the Wake Forest University Chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society.

Ashley HayesAshley Hayes
Biomedical Engineering Program

Faculty Excellence Award

The Graduate Student Association received a number of nominations for the Graduate Faculty Excellence Award this year.  We hold that this indicates both the outstanding nature of the graduate faculty at Wake Forest University and the high regard of the graduate students for the excellent mentorship they provide.  This year's award recipient was nominated by no fewer than three students, and is recognized for several reasons.  First and foremost was his evident commitment to teaching, in addition to his exemplary mentoring of graduate students, and facilitation of community outreach, all while concurrently acting as director of the Program for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
It is my honor and pleasure to announce that the recipient for this year’s Faculty Excellence Award is Dr. William Conner of the Department of Biology.

Faculty Award Winner

Dr. William Conner
Department of Biology


Commencement Exercises

Monday, May 20, 2013
Thomas K. Hearn Jr. Plaza, Reynolda Campus