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Statement of Purpose

In recognition of the increasing opportunities for employment of Wake Forest University graduate students in technology-related businesses and other non-academic or governmental organizations, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is providing a resource and formal structure for those students who are interested in gaining experience through internships.

Graduate Student Internship (GRAD 702/703)

A PhD graduate student who has completed at least one year of graduate study and desires experience working in the private sector, or a non-profit or government agency, and has the permission of his/her advisor, or a master's program student following the internship option may apply for positions through the internship program and the Graduate School. Although Internships often are full-time and take place during the summer months between the spring and fall semesters lasting about three months, other timing and durations including part-time internships are possible. Credit hours may be adjusted based on the length of the internship and whether it is full- or part-time.


Two weeks before the end of the internship, copies of the following must be submitted to the Graduate School Office, the student's advisor or program director, and the director of the internship program. [Final Report Guidelines]

  • A written summary of the intern’s work and his/her evaluation of the experience, which will include an evaluation of the relationship with the direct supervisor(s) and other employees of the host organization and descriptions of any public presentations, publications, grants, or product development in which the intern contributed. Further guidelines for the report can be obtained from the Graduate School office. The quality of the report will contribute to the student’s grade for the internship.

  • Letter(s) from direct supervisor(s) stating how the intern performed, plus an overall grade recommendation of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory).

Other Requirements Upon Completion

The student may be asked to give an oral or poster presentation to the WFU community, as part of Graduate Student Research Day presentations or other functions hosted by the Graduate School Office.

General examples of internships that may be available:
  • Academic Technology Transfer – Wake Forest Innovations
  • Biomedical engineering research (private company)
  • Biotechnology research, including drug development and testing (private company)
  • Bio-imaging research, ranging from microscopic to macroscopic imaging technologies (private company)
  • Biomedical and Technology Informatics (private company and government)
  • Computer information systems and networks (private company)
  • Nanotechnology research, interfacing biological, biochemical, imaging, physical, and engineering sciences (private company)
  • Research equipment development (private scientific equipment supply and manufacturing company)
  • Science patent writing and evaluation (law firm)
  • Science policy development at the local, state and federal levels (government and not-for-profit non-government organizations)
  • Science writing and presentation for the public media (private contract)
  • Organization, professional journals, newspapers, magazines, radio or television stations

Potential Graduate Internship Hosts

The list that follows includes some businesses and other organizations that have indicated interest in serving as hosts for graduate student interns and other agencies that provide internships, but there are many other possibilities. If any are of interest to you, please contact the Graduate School Office for further information. Additionally, you may contact an organization yourself to find out about the types of positions that may be available.

» Graduate Student Technology Transfer Internship Program, WFSM
The Office of Technology Asset Management (OTAM) at the Wake Forest School of Medicine has a paid, 4-6 hours a week, semester-long technology transfer internship beginning in August 2011. Full-time PhD candidates in any scientific discipline at WFU or WFSM are eligible to apply.

» En-Cas Analytical Laboratories, Winston-Salem (http://www.en-cas.com/) A small, entrepreneurial company that has a fully compliant GLP facility providing analytical chemistry contract services to the agrochemical, veterinary and bioanalytical industries.

» Kelly Scientific Resources, High Point and Cary
Kelly Scientific Resources is the scientific business unit of Kelly Services, a global business that provides scientific staffing to a broad spectrum of industries including chemical, cosmetics, food science pharmaceutical, biomedical, consumer products, environmental, medial, clinical, petrochemical, and clinical research. Its services include the placement of student interns.

» Merck
A major international pharmaceutical company offering a variety of internship opportunities in the US and world-wide.

» Novartis, USA * Switzerland * Germany * France * United Kingdom (http://www.nibr.com/careers/internships/index.shtml) Imagine performing research at a leading global pharmaceutical corporation while gaining practical experience and contributing to the search for new disease therapies. Through scientific research programs at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR), your contribution to the search for new disease therapies can begin before you graduate. Our programs are designed to introduce talented students to drug discovery and to offer rigorous research training in this area. (Copied from NIBR webpage).

» TranTech Pharma, High Point (http://www.ttpharma.com/) A clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of small molecule and protein therapeutics to fill unmet medical needs.

» Verrix, LL (http://www.verrixbio.com/)
Our vision is to quantify, contain, and manage the health risks of microbial contamination with the fastest, and most advanced sterility assurance technology.
Contact: Ned Perkins - ned.perkins@verrixbio.com