Bowman Gray Campus – Internship or Graduate Course Enrollment for Reynolda Campus Students

Policy updated 5/6/16

Providing high quality research or clinical experiences for students is an important part of the Graduate School mission. Such experiences constitute an important recruitment pipeline for our programs, and a critical opportunity for students to determine whether they are suited for a biomedical research career. These opportunities are critical to the larger University mission of education, diversity, mentoring and training.  In addition, new BS/MS programs may involve significant research activity that must be undertaken at the graduate level across campuses in order for students to earn necessary credits and to make progress on their MS thesis.

The Graduate School provides opportunities for advanced study in a number of focus areas. These opportunities are accessed by undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and physicians.

The Graduate School will onboard WFU students in good standing for research or clinical experiences, or enrollment in graduate level courses as “unclassified” students. This practice is consistent with those applied to students at other levels of training, such as postdoctoral fellows, who may enroll in graduate courses as unclassified graduate students. All WFU students (graduate and undergraduate) on the Reynolda campus are covered by this policy.

To participate in research or clinical experiences, or enroll in graduate level courses students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The student must be working with, sponsored or co-sponsored by a member of the Wake Forest University biomedical graduate faculty.
  • The student must be in good academic standing and working toward a degree, or must be affiliated with a University or NIH-sponsored pipeline program, or must be a graduate student in a Reynolda campus program.
  • Undergraduate students must receive permission from the WFU Office of Academic Advising to enroll in a graduate level course; Students from pipeline programs must provide evidence of permission from their program director to participate in a research experience; graduate students must have permission of their advisor.
  • The student must complete the onboarding checklist for research or course enrollment with the Graduate School Office prior to receiving access.
  • Students working with research subjects must complete all required in-person and online training required of graduate students prior to engaging in student research (i.e., students undertaking animal experiments must complete all relevant laboratory animal training (LATA) modules prior to engaging in animal research, and students proposing to perform human subjects research must complete all required IRB certifications prior to engaging in research); Students must comply with Occupational Health requirements of the biomedical campus. Students may observe or shadow researchers prior to receiving these certifications, but may not actively participate in research.
  • Students must otherwise follow the procedures outlined in the associated procedure documents depending on whether the participation is for a research/clinical experience only or for Graduate School credit.

Complete the appropriate application below: