The 2015 Mike & Lucy Robbins Graduate Scholarship Fund Winner

walb_robbinsfellowship2015-150x150Matthew C. Walb, PhD Candidate
Department of Physics
Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Research Overview:
We are interested in the carcinogenic risks of low dose radiation, specifically on lung tumorigenesis. Motivated by an increase in imaging screening procedures, we seek to determine the dose response of low dose CT radiation exposures as it relates to lung tumorigenesis using sophisticated mathematical and in vivo models. We utilize a variety of small animal models to mimic susceptible populations receiving clinically relevant imaging doses of radiation, and analyze the results with a variety of methods including histologic and advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques. We’ve further expanded this research using higher energy x-ray beams to investigate the radiation risks involved with space flight. More generally, I am interested in improving small animal dosimetry models so that radiation animal studies can be performed with more accuracy and greater cross-institution compatibility.

Award Overview:
The Lucy Robbins Fellowship Award was established in the spring of 2005 in memory of Lucy Robbins, the late wife of WFUHS faculty member Dr. Mike Robbins.  In 2014 the award was renamed the Mike and Lucy Robbins Graduate Scholarship Fund.  The award will be given annually to a graduate student conducting cancer-related research and will be based on academic ability, including outstanding academic and research expertise, demonstrated leadership, outstanding interpersonal skills and a commitment to the ideals of excellence in academic research. The recipient of the Mike and Lucy Robbins Graduate Scholarship Fund will be selected by a committee of graduate faculty.  For 2015-2016, the award will consist of paying for the graduate student’s stipend and a certificate of recognition.

Categories: Student Research