Graduate School Admissions

Choosing the right graduate school is a critical step on the path to a fulfilling career. By choosing the Graduate School at Wake Forest, you will obtain the academic resources of a large university with the sense of community found in a smaller school. Our students’ success in completing their degree programs is impressive; nearly 90% of those in masters-only programs graduate within the recommended 1-2 yr time frame and our PhD students complete their degrees in approximately 5.5 yrs.

The school has more than 540 graduate faculty representing many traditional disciplines and also involved in interdisciplinary and translational research programs. The graduate faculty act as mentors as well as educators, providing students with access to research interests from across the spectrum of academic disciplines. The school and university greatly value their diversity and welcomes students from a wide range of diverse backgrounds.

As the boundaries of traditional disciplines have become more diffused, the Graduate School is responding by developing new interdisciplinary graduate programs that cross departmental, school and campus lines. For a complete list of our master programs and PhD Tracks, please see our Academic Programs pages (Reynolda and Bowman Gray).

We hope that the information contained in these pages will be informative in guiding you through the application process. Please feel free to contact our offices (Reynolda or Bowman Gray) if you need additional help.

For Biomedical Science Graduate Students…

Thank you for choosing the Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for your continuing educational needs. The Biomedical Science graduate programs share the downtown campus in Winston-Salem, NC with the WF School of Medicine, Physician Assistant, and Nursing Education Programs. To better serve our student populations, we will be using a combined online application service (CollegeNet) which will launch early July 2018. Additional information will be made available as soon as possible.

If you wish to apply to a program of study with an admission term of Spring 2019, Summer 2019, and/or Fall 2019, please wait until after July 1, 2018 to create your account and start the application process until additional information is posted on our Admissions website regarding the launch of the CollegeNet application service. If you submit an application for those admission terms, you will be asked to re-submit your application into our new CollegeNet application platform.

New features available for Graduate School applicants:

  1. The ability to apply to multiple programs of study using only one login. All demographic and educational information entered will be pulled into multiple program profiles.
  2. Separate document upload pages for each program of study selected. This will allow you to tailor your personal statements to individual programs, as well as allowing recommenders to upload their letters to the corresponding application.
  3. Automatically attach transcripts, portfolios, and other materials to each application, eliminating the risk of misplaced documents.
  4. The ability to check the status of your application materials and view and respond to admission communication via the internet knowing that your data is secure and protected on a personalized, secure web page.
  5. The Applicant Checklist Portal will enable you to review application status, see a list of steps required to complete your application,  and allow you to send reminders to recommenders or choose alternate recommenders.

Please feel free to contact the office at 1-800-GET-GRAD or with any questions regarding this change.

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Biomedical Science Graduate Programs