Cost & Financial Aid: Reynolda Campus

2019-2020 Fee Schedule

Note: This is subject to change in subsequent years.

The following tuition costs will remain the same for both in-state and out-of-state students effective August 1, 2019.

Full-Time Graduate Tuition $38,650
On-Line Counseling & Human Services (per hour) 1,465
Part-Time Graduate (per hour) 1,465
Thesis Only (per semester) 150
Audit (per hour) 150
Graduation Fee (Masters) 150
Graduation Fee (PhD) 150
Student Activity Fee (per semester, excludes on-line programs) 50
Student Health Fee 450
Summer 2019-Graduate (per hour) 1,200
Summer 2019-Graduate Audit (per hour) 150
Summer 2019- On-Line Counseling & Human Services (per hour) 1420

For a comprehensive list of the cost of attendance, please visit

Students not enrolled in classes but using University facilities, or faculty time for such projects as the completion of a thesis/dissertation are required to register and pay a graduate student fee of $100 per semester.

During both the academic year and the summer session, full-time graduate students may take graduate courses on the other campus without additional tuition.

There is a tuition concession plan for eligible University faculty, staff, and spouses.

For further information, consult your Human Resources Office.

Other Fees

Student Health Insurance Premium (Full-time, degree-seeking students)
Student Health Fee (full-time Reynolda only, excluding Business evening and Exec programs, all Study Abroad and Thesis only)
Wellness Fee
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