Cost & Financial Aid: Reynolda Campus

2017-2018 Fee Schedule

Note: This is subject to change in subsequent years.

The following tuition costs will remain the same for both in-state and out-of-state students effective August 1, 2017.

Full-time Tuition (minimum 9 hours)
Part-time Tuition per hour
Audit Fee per hour, Part-time Students
Summer 2017, Reynolda Campus per semester hour
Summer 2017, Online Campus per semester hour
Student Activity Fee per semester
(does not include online programs)
Student Health Services Fee (full-time Reynolda Campus)
Student Heatlh Insurance Premium (full-time degree students)
Parking Registration

For a comprehensive list of the cost of attendance, please visit

Students not enrolled in classes but using University facilities, or faculty time for such projects as the completion of a thesis/dissertation are required to register and pay a graduate student fee of $40 per semester.

During both the academic year and the summer session, full-time graduate students may take graduate courses on the other campus without additional tuition.

There is a tuition concession plan for eligible University faculty, staff, and spouses.

For further information, consult your Human Resources Office.