As you explore your career options, it is important to take some time to reflect on what is important to you in a job and to define your job target. Once you decide to pursue a position in industry, follow the tips below. Also, watch for events coming up that are relevant to your search.

Assess Yourself

These two sites allow you to explore your career options in light of your skills, values, and interests.

interesectjobsims logo

InterSECT is an online platform that allows PhD-level scientists and humanists, regardless of professional stage, to explore future career options.

Mary Katherine Newsome

And don’t forget, your career counselor Mary Katherine Newsome ( is available by appointment to help you in the job search process.

Search for opportunities

In partnership with the OPCD there are a variety of online resources for you to utilize.

  • Network. Build your professional network through informational interviewing. Not sure what to ask? Here is a list of questions to help you prepare.
  • Find Alumni. Search on LinkedIn for alumni from your undergraduate and WFU program who may be working at one of your target companies or in your chosen career field.
  • Search openings. Try these Job Search Websites

CareerShift is a subscription tool for all WFU students that allows for custom searches based on keywords and locations; It also has a companies page to help you research and reach out to contacts for networking

handshake logo

Create your profile in Handshake to receive customized emails for jobs that suit your skills and background. This site is for all WFU students and includes an employer directory.

  • Target your geographic preference. Try these Location Specific Resources from OPCD or access GoinGlobal through Handshake to research additional cities worldwide. Research cost of living in your target geographic location.

*Access GoinGlobal from a Wake Forest issued laptop or on campus. If you have trouble viewing this site – please contact Mary Katherine Newsome (

Prepare your materials for applications. This will include a resume and cover letter. Sometimes you may also have to submit a writing sample, teaching philosophy or research philosophy as well.


Prepare for interviews. InterviewStream is an online free for all WFU students to help you prepare for your interview.

Negotiate your offer. Review the Salary Calculator. See these tips for negotiating your salary from OPCD.

Have your PhD?

Check out these helpful resources for translating your skills to industry

  • Cheeky Scientist is an industry training platform for PhDs who want to be confident and successful industry professionals.
  • PhD Career Guide is a resource to expand your options.
  • Branching points is a collection of resources designed to give science graduate students ideas for nonacademic careers.
  • Versatile PhD is the oldest, largest online community dedicated to non-academic and non-faculty careers for PhDs in humanities, social science and STEM.
  • From PhD to life is a blog with tips for navigating jobs outside of academia.