Pursuing a PhD or other advanced degree

Decide if it’s right for you

  • There are a lot of questions to consider before jumping into a PhD. Some of the common ones include: Will you go full time or part time? Will you relocate to complete your PhD? Will the PhD get you to your career goal? Will you be able to afford a PhD? And more. Here’s one good perspective piece with additional questions to consider.
  • Consider the financial implications: Create a free account on Cash Course using your WFU email address. CashCourse offers students resources to discover how to pay tuition, and compare costs and loan options.
  • Talk with someone. Linda Whited is available to discuss your options and help you make an informed decision. Please email her to set up an individual appointment.

Research where you want to go: Your faculty advisors will understand where other students have thrived and programs that match what you’re learning in your master’s program. Reach out to them to talk about your options. In addition, check out these search resources from OPCD.

Prepare your application materials: Check out these resources for writing a personal statement from OPCD. You also need an updated Resume or CV (examples coming soon).

Apply and Interview: InterviewStream is an online free resource for all WFU students to help you prepare for your interview.