Academic Job Search Resources


Define your Path.

Individual Development Plan (IDP): The American Association for the Advancement of Science website allows for self-assessment and creating career goals specifically for PhDs in the sciences to facilitate their academic career path and reach their goals.

Build your Skills.

Take advantage of all that the Teaching and Learning Center at WFU offers. See their workshops here.

Search for Opportunities.

Network. Build your professional network through informational interviewing. Not sure what to ask? Here is a list of questions to help you prepare.

Utilize social media such as LinkedIn, ResearchGate or to create an online presence and network with others in your field

Research Institutions

Create search agents on niche websites such as:

Prepare your Materials for Applications.

This will include your CV, cover letter, a teaching philosophy and research statement. For guidance on the CV – see The Professor Is In blog archive

Prepare for Interviews.

InterviewStream is an online free for all Reynolda campus students to help you prepare for your interview.


Evaluate your Offers.

Consider your budget and where your money goes. create a free account on Cash Course using your WFU email address. On Cash Course, compare job offers and analyze where your paycheck goes. Research cost of living in your target geographic location.

Negotiate your offer. Review Faculty Salaries. See these tips for negotiating your salary from OPCD.

Job Talk Tips.

Additional Resources: