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Master Programs and PhD Tracks

Whether training is across disciplines or across the region, our programs place you at the forefront of innovation. Regardless of your interest, you're sure to find a degree path that is right for you. Come join us at Wake Forest University as we enter a bold new era of discovery and collaboration!

For your convenience, the attached pdf document provides a listing of all academic programs and PhD Tracks offered, along with contact information.

Bowman Gray Campus
Reynolda Campus
PhD Tracks
Joint Degree Programs
Joint Degree with WF College
  • BS/BA & MA (Bioethics) - WFU Undergraduate students only
  • BS/BA & MS (Neuroscience) - WFU Undergraduate students only
Joint Degrees with WFU School of Law Joint Degrees with WFU School of Medicine Joint Degree with WFU School of Divinity Joint Degree with WFU School of Business
Certificate Programs
The Graduate School also offers eleven certificate programs:

Special Programs

HVRC Training Activities
There are three active NIH or Department of Education-funded training programs focused on increasing diversity, sponsored by the Hypertension & Vascular Research Center: 

  • The first training grant is the "Excellence in Cardiovascular Sciences" (EICS) summer program for minority students.  This program funded by NHLBI funds 12 positions for summer research experiences.  This program has been in existence for over 20 years.

  • The second program offered is the Post-baccalaureate Research Education (PREP) Scholars opportunity funded by the NIGMS and provides 1-2 years of research, coursework and GRE preparation to under-represented students seeking a career in research in the biomedical sciences.

  • The third program provides opportunities for science majors to visit Brazil. The "Translational Biomedical Sciences Training For Underrepresented Minors" (TBS) program is for graduate and undergraduate students from WFU, WFSM, WSSU and NCCU to participate in independent study in Brazil and experience Brazilian culture and language.  Brazilian students from partner institutions come to WFSM for a 4-6 month reciprocal exchange.