Dr. Erik Brady Joins the Graduate School Staff

brady-erik-d-1215a_print-230x300I am excited to announce the addition of Dr. Erik Brady in a key position in the Graduate School as Director of Graduate Education Programs. This position will include key elements of the traditional role of the registrar as well as providing assistance in improving student professionalism and services. Dr. Brady earned his Ph.D. in 2001 from Vanderbilt, and he most recently worked in delivering content and assessment of an array of continuing medical education programs. He comes to us with a breadth of experience in interacting with industry, and in assessment and management of educational services and content. I thank our track directors and key personnel in the office of undergraduate medical education who participated in the interview process to select Dr. Brady, and Dean Abraham for his support for this important position. I am delighted to welcome Dr. Brady to the Graduate School and look forward to working with him to ensure the highest level of student and faculty services.

Dwayne Godwin, PhD
Professor and Dean
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Biomedical Graduate Programs

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