The Wake Forest Counseling Department has a strong showing at the recent North Carolina Counseling Association Conference.  The NCCA annual conference took place Feb. 23-24 in Durham, NC, and featured numerous presentations by students, faculty, and alumni as well as poster sessions by 14 current counseling students.


Professors presenting at the NCCA conference:

  • Dr. Jennifer Rogers–Cognitive Distortions: Attachment Styles, and Clinical Supervision
  • Dr. Erin Binkley and Dr. Jennifer Rogers–Advocacy for the Counseling Profession: A Qualitative Inquiry
  • Dr. Tammy Cashwell–Wellness–Going Beyond Lip Service
  • Dr. Seth Hayden–Supporting Military Spouses through Group Counseling: Considerations and Implications
  • Dr. Bob Nations–Coping with Trauma: Spirituality as a Major Asset
  • Dr. Isabelle Ong–A Collective Case Study of Women’s Trauma Recovery Through Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, AND Using Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT) as a paradigmatic approach to working with culturally diverse children during challenging times: Principles, Development Strategies, and Applications
  • Dr. Sam Gladding–Joining Together: 101 Techniques to Use in Groups
  • Dr. Shanita Brown (WFU) Loni Crumb, Janea Avent, and Syntia Dietz (Not from WFU):  Courageous Conversations and Collaborations: Promoting Social Justice Advocacy in Counseling
  • Mrs. Pamela Karr–What’s Next–A workshop for those contemplating retiring
Professors and current students presenting jointly:
  • Dr. Shanita Brown and student Marlena Del Hierro–Higher Power and Pills: Spirituality as an Alternative to Psychopharmacology
  • Mrs. Heidi Robinson, Mr. Brian Calhoun, and student Mackenzie Howard–Generating Options, Generating Hope: Using Onine and In-Person Tools to Help Clients Become ‘Unstuck’
Alumni who were presenting:
  • Whitney McLaughlin (alumnus) and  Regina Gavin–The Effects of Customized Individual Counseling Interventions on the Career and College Readiness of Adolescents in the Foster Care System
  • Marcia McCall, Sara Bailey, and Leigh Zick Dongre (all alumni of the program)–Integrating Counseling and Medical Care: Measuring Client Outcomes
Current students conducting Graduate Student Poster Sessions:
  • Meghan Hall–Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder–Fact or Fiction?
  • Taylor Griffith–What is Anorexia Nervosa and What Works to Treat It?
  • Sarah Jones–Treatment of Binge Eating Disorder: A Review of the Literature
  • David Kouba–A Literature Review of the Risk Factors and Treatment Options of Late Onset Alcoholism
  • Mary Katherine Newsome–Sexual Assault on Campus: Barriers to Survivor Support and Counseling Implications
  • Rachel Powell–Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Its New Place in the DSM and in Counseling
  • Esther Suess–Familial Risk Factors for the Development of Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children
  • Christopher Roberts–Alzheimer’s Disease: The Complex Grieving Process, the Neuroscience, and the Empirical Support for Counseling Intervention
  • Travis Bogan–Borderline Personality Disorder: Treatment, Family, Community
  • Janay Whittaker–Alternative Treatment Options for Attention -Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Elementary-Age Children
  • Mary Anne Short–Targeting the Treatment of Anxiety in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Marlena Del Hierro–Bipolar II: Diagnostic Considerations and Evaluations of Treatments
  • Catherine Ford–Offenders with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) Remaining Behind Bars: An Examination of the Complexity and Treatment Strategies of ASPD
  • Alyssa Botte–Traumatic Brain Injury and Veterans

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