Graduate School Welcomes 2019 University Faculty Summer Workshop Participants

On July 29, 2019, the Graduate School hosted a welcome dinner for six new participants of the 2019 University Faculty Summer Workshop. The workshop focuses on cultural and language services in tourism in a fast-changing world. In the 16-day workshop, participants will study and discuss CAT translation and localization, U.S. culture, systems and norms, and current trends in international tourism, as well as U.S university culture with Graduate School faculty.

The six new participants are all faculty members from Yichun University, a public university in Jiangxi Province, P. R. China. Among them, Professor Heping Liu, Dr. Xincheng Xiao, Dr. Yongan Li, and Dr. Peng Gong are from the School of Economics and Management, and Professor Yi Fu and Ms. Qiongqiong Yang are from the School of Foreign Studies.

The workshop represents the Graduate School’s new initiative to host more tailored training programs for international faculty members, students, and organizations.

Special thanks to Dr. Zhenqin Xiong who currently serves as a visiting scholar at the ITS program and has assisted Dr. Chaowei Zhu, the Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives, in planning and hosting the workshop.

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