Attend this career fair from home

  Join the 8th Annual

2020 GCC PhD & Master’s Virtual Career Expo


This online event connects recruiters and  job seekers from everywhere. Chat in real-time with employers who have open career opportunities —you only need a computer and internet access to participate. 

What is the Virtual Career Expo (VCE)? 

The VCE is a single day, online career expo for advanced degree students, postdocs, and alumni in STEM, Humanities, Arts, and Social Science.  Interact with employers  to learn how your degree can make an impact and seek out positions of interest. 

More reasons why you should attend…

It was a fun experience with less pressure and surprisingly, less awkwardness than a real-life career expo.

  • This virtual event is attended by managers and recruiters from leading organizations who are looking to hire qualified professionals.
  • This interactive experience gives you the chance to chat with potential employers in real time
  • Registration is FREE for attendees

How should I join?

Register at anytime and including the day of the Career Expo. Register early to give yourself time to study the list of participating employers and opportunities.

Upload your resume immediately after registering so employers will have access to it. After you upload your documents into the system, they are visible for review by employers. Companies may begin screening resumes prior to the event and also invite you to visit their specific chat sessions and/or schedule video interviews before, during, or after the event hours.

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