Spring Break = no class and time for career exploration!

I’m sure you are counting down the days or hours until Spring break starts! As you plan for work and fun (I hope), here are some ideas to invest in your career planning!

1. Update your resume. Ensure it is tailored, complete and without error.

Need another set of eyes to provide feedback? Career Coach Linda Whited is working during Spring Break and can review job search documents, answer questions and meet with you via WebEx. Schedule a time now. 

2. Explore Handshake, Wake Forest’s online job board. It doesn’t go on spring break! 

New positions will be posted as they come in ( as always), and deadlines for submission of materials may fall during break, since employers don’t prioritize a school schedule. Don’t miss out by neglecting to check the board this week for new postings. In addition, other search tools are available here. 

handshake logo

3.Reconnect and meet new people.

Networking doesn’t take a holiday either. Friends of friends may be the best place to brainstorm some possibilities. Who do you already know that you can share your career goals with this week? Ask them for ideas of others who need to know you.   Share your resume with them ( see #1), and ask them for referrals of people to contact and to keep you in mind if they become aware of an appropriate opportunity.

Podcast episodes on this topic include:

4. Use the time off to meet with a target employer or business leader.

Write to them with something like the following:

Dear Ms. Mong:

As I study psychology as a graduate student at Wake Forest, I am exploring career paths in using this knowledge. I found your LinkedIn profile when searching for alumni who might be able to share their own insights with me. I will be in Raleigh next week for Spring Break and would love the opportunity to meet up with you. Would Tuesday or Wednesday morning work for a quick coffee? Alternately, my schedule is pretty open at this point so we could arrange another time that works best for you. I look forward to hearing from you and hope to get to meet you soon!


Jenny Jobseeker

Do you research prior to meeting. Check their website for open positions and learn as much as you can about them. Even if they don’t have a student section on their site, or list internships, you just might impress them with your knowledge and enthusiasm. You never know, they may appreciate your initiative and be ready to discuss a summer or full-time position.

5. Make an appointment during spring break

Linda Whited is working and has availability, so reach out and use the link above to schedule a time for career planning today!

linda whited

“See” you via Webex soon!