What is GRD 717: Career Planning for Graduate Students?

GRD 717

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Have you been looking for answers to your career questions? Been wondering how to effectively search for job? This course can help you engage in your job search and prepare the materials you’ll need to apply anyway! If you’re a full time student – this course is FREE to add. If you’re part-time contact Linda for details on taking the course.

It’s all online over 7 weeks. It’s pass/fail and facilitated by Linda Whited, career coach for the graduate school. This course is available for students in the Graduate School with no perquisite requirements.

For Fall 2021 this course will be offered the first AND second half of the semester. You can select which mini session you want to register for by going to WIN and selecting the CRN number.

GRD 717 A – 96314 – dates 8/23/21 – 10/12/21
GRD 717 B – 99819 – dates 10/12/21 – 12/11/21

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You will gain fundamental skills required to conduct an effective job search including professional written and verbal communication; interviewing techniques; networking and other job search strategies; the branding and marketing of oneself; and evaluating offers and salary negotiation.

Wondering what’s included?

  • Module 1: Career Planning and Self-Assessment
  • Module 2: Transferable Skills and Networking
  • Module 3: Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Module 4: Professional Identity and Brand
  • Module 5: Strategic Job Searching
  • Module 6: Polishing your Presence (Interviewing)
  • Module 7: Launching your Career Plan (including Salary Negotiation strategies)

Students have said about this course:

“Everything is truly helpful because we may think we know what our desired career path would be, but by going through these steps, we learn more about ourselves and acknowledge where we may have gaps in skills/values so we can address them accordingly.”

“This was a very informative and helpful class with regard to preparation for future job searching and thinking about our skills and strengths.”

Questions? Contact Linda Whited at whitedlm@nullwfu.edu