Cost & Financial Aid: Bowman Gray Campus

2018-2019 Fee Schedule

Note: This is subject to change in subsequent years.

The following tuition costs will remain the same for both in-state and out-of-state students effective August 1, 2018.

Full-time Tuition (minimum 9 hours)
Part-time Tuition per hour
Audit Fee per hour, Part-time Students
Summer Session

Students not enrolled in classes but using University facilities, or faculty time for such projects as the completion of a thesis/dissertation are required to register and pay a graduate student fee of $40 per semester.During both the academic year and the summer session, full-time graduate students may take graduate courses on the other campus without additional tuition.

There is a tuition concession plan for eligible University faculty, staff, and spouses.

For further information, consult the Human Resources Office.

  • Laptop Computers

    To aid students during their course of study, new incoming students in the MS and PhD programs will be issued new laptop computers. The laptops will be distributed during orientation. Conditions of ownership will be reviewed at orientation.

  • University Financial Aid

    Masters Students.  Applicants are considered for merit based university aid and are not required to complete additional paperwork.  Early submission of applications is encouraged.

    Doctoral Students.  All doctoral students are considered for full financial aid in the form of a tuition scholarship and stipend for living expenses.

    Program-based Scholarships and Awards.  These are available on a competitive basis with nominations solicited by either the academic program or the Graduate School.  They include:

    • The Camillo Artom Scholarship provides annual scholarship grants to one or more students enrolled in programs leading to the MD or PhD degrees with special preference given to students seeking a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology.
    • The Herbert C. Cheung PhD Award provides a cash award to recognize an outstanding graduate student in the Department of Biochemistry and to promote excellence in research in the broad field of biochemistry.
    • The Sandy Lee Cowgill Memorial Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to at least two students, the first of whom shall be enrolled in the MD program and the second of whom may be enrolled in the MD or PhD program, with preference given to a student in biochemistry and molecular biology.
    • The Norman M. Sulkin Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to students in the neurobiology and anatomy PhD program.
    • The Mike and Lucy Robbins Graduate Scholarship Fund provides support for PhD students focusing on cancer research in any department who have demonstrated not only outstanding academic and research expertise, but also interpersonal skills, collegiality and commitment to excellence.
  • External Financial Aid

    Information on external financial aid may be obtained by contacting Ms. Melissa Stevens, Financial Aid Director at 336-716-2893 or by e-mail at

    Domestic students may complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Information on the application process may be found on the following webpage:

    Students applying for financial aid must be in good academic standing.

    Students are encouraged to access information from their local communities regarding private organizations and government agencies providing support for graduate study. Examples of some of these agencies are:

  • Federal and Private Loans

    Persons interested in federal and private loans may obtain information at

    Additional details are available in the Graduate School Bulletin.