Giving to the Graduate School

Giving to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is a way to truly make an impact on the next generation!  Our programs reach across disciplines, spanning the arts and sciences as well the biomedical fields.

The distinction of the Graduate School is that our students (and faculty) are engaged fully in the generation of knowledge as well as its transmission to the next generation. Our beneficiaries are the graduate students to whom we are providing the opportunity to obtain an advanced degree and realize their career ambitions. Our beneficiaries are also the WFU community at large as the services of graduate students as teaching and research assistants are invaluable in the conduct of our undergraduate instructional and in our faculty’s research programs. Society too benefits as our students are preparing to be future practioners in the 27 fields in which we provide advanced degrees, as well as the fact that new knowledge leads to new kinds of career possibilities.

Examples of some of the ways your gift will help the Graduate School accomplish its mission of training future leaders in research, teaching, and innovation in service of humanity are:

  • The Gordon A. Melson Outstanding Student Awards, which are presented to the outstanding masters and doctorate students each year during the May Hooding & Awards Ceremony.
  • Student travel awards used to leverage the student’s or other funds that enable students to attend professional meetings in order to present the results of their thesis of dissertation research, something which is often their first professional presentation!
  • Supporting faculty excellence awards and other kinds of faculty recognition such as the Poteat Lecture sponsored biannually by the Graduate School.

Please contact us if you are interested in creating an endowment for named student scholarships which ensures that funds are available to support top graduate students at Wake Forest University on a continuing basis.

Thank you for joining us and becoming a member of the WFU Graduate School of Arts & Sciences community!

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Under Gift Designation – “Unrestricted Giving”, check the box for the “Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences” Annual Fund.

If you wish to donate to one of the other kinds of student or faculty awards, check “Other” under “Restricted Giving” and enter the name of the award (e.g., Student Travel, Gordon A. Melson Outstanding Student, Faculty Awards).