Graduate School Fall Welcome – Survey Results and Q&A

Thanks to all of you who attended the Virtual Welcome webinar held on September 4th. Below is a summary of the results from the survey questions and from the Q&A session held during the event. (Note: some questions on similar topics have been combined)

Q – When will the full graduate student handbook be published on the WFU website?
A– The updated handbook is now available here: Graduate Student Handbook

Q – Are grad students able to use on-campus counseling services and are they included in our student fees?
A – Yes. Please contact The University Counseling Center (UCC) by visiting their website for more information on how to get assistance: UCC @ WFU.

Q – How the graduate school will be operated if the campus shuts down, when will we know when all graduate classes will go online?
A – All classes will go online after November 24th. Prior to that date, we recommend that students visit the WFU COVID-19 Dashboard to regularly check the operating status of the University. There is a detailed description of each of the operating status levels outlined here: Learn More About the Levels. Impacts to campus access and teaching modalities will depend on multiple factors and any changes in levels will be communicated to all students, faculty and staff. Classes may be moved online prior to November 24th if necessary, but keep in mind that this may be for only a period of time if conditions permit a return to blended teaching modalities again. If the University reaches code level Purple, classes will remain online until further notice and the Graduate School will operate remotely.

Q – What steps are in place to make sure graduate student research will be able to continue, even if campus has to shut down for undergraduate students?
A – Prior to the return to campus this Fall, measures were put in place to protect the health and safety of student researchers and their supervisors. Those measures include the de-densification of research facilities, the mandatory use of face masks, guidelines for lab capacities, circulation and the disinfecting of equipment, amongst others. These measures will remain in place throughout the public health emergency. Modifications may be needed for additional restrictions based on the operational status of the University. Should campus be closed, the Graduate School and the Deans Office will work with faculty directors and research supervisors to determine if and how access to research facilities will be permitted.

Q – Is there a centralized place that gives information on available research grants or fellowship opportunities?
A – No, research grants and fellowship opportunities are generally program and/or discipline specific. We recommend you reach out to your program directors and faculty for guidance.

Q – Does the graduate school ever host any all-program events, across disciplines?
A – Yes, under normal circumstances the Graduate School holds multiple events over the course of the academic year for all graduate students to attend. However, because of the public health emergency, for now those events will not be face-to-face but virtual.

Q – Will the Wake Forest University Covid-19 dashboard provide the number of students being tested in addition to the number of confirmed positive cases? Will the dashboard provide a positivity rate? Will Wake Forest reveal the number of students that tested positive from the preliminary testing that occurred for undergrads before arriving to campus (dashboard only starts on 8/17)?
A – We ask that you visit the WFU COVID-19 Dashboard where some of these questions have already been addressed. There is also a link there for submitting suggestions.