Students who wish to take graduate level courses, but do not wish to pursue a graduate degree should apply using the online application and select “Unclassified” as the Program of Study.

Unclassified students are eligible to take up to two courses.  Unclassified applications do not require test scores or letters of recommendation.  Please upload a statement indicating the course you are interested in taking and whether you are interested in taking it for credit or as an audit. Also, applicants must upload a copy of their official final transcript.  The transcript needs to include your undergraduate degree, major and date that the degree was conferred.

There is an application fee in the amount of $80 that is required which is payable via a credit card through the online system.  Non-degree students must receive approval from the course instructor to take the class.

Academic Programs

For a complete list of academic programs and  degree tracks offered, along with contact information, please click here.

To see a list of Programs:

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